Desktop as a Service

The external work with a virtual desktop looks usual for employees: the same operating system, the same desktop, the same programs and documents. However, all using applications, data and settings are stored not on the local hard drive but instead on the desktops remote server Microsoft Windows Server 2012. With the help of "virtual desktop" even for work-intensive programs (graphic and 3D-editors, video processing, CRM and ERP-systems) the a low-power PC ("thin client") is enough.

The "Remote Desktop" service includes the licensed application set: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Link, dedicated space on the hard drive, virus protection and 24/7 support by Clever Group specialists.


  • Flexibility of scaling (we will create a new workplace with needed settings in an hour)
  • Comprehensive software installation and working time actions control
  • Centralized information security management tools (antivirus, backup)
  • The desktop is available to the employee not only from your office, but also from all over  the world, via any device connected to the Internet.
  • Equipment theft or failure will not affect the integrity and privacy of information.

In addition, we can provide a comprehensive service, not only to set up a remote desktop, but also to provide the right equipment (thin clients). To get started your employees will only need to press the power button.

For the exact price and conditions of virtual desktops installation, configuration and support you can contact our managers at +7 495 645 71 98 or via the feedback form.

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