Infrastructure as a Service

Clever Group offers computing capacities of the servers placed in a remote data-center. Number of cores, memory or disk space you define based on current needs of the business. At your request any operating system will be deployed on virtual servers, as well as basic settings and IP-addresses assigning will be made. Connecting to these virtual machines occurs via a remote desktop.


  • Zero initial investment (rent)
  • Minimizing the risk of loss
  • Availability and fault tolerance. All the virtual servers are highly protected of any of physical servers failure.
  • The flexibility to customize. At any time, we can increase the performance of the rented virtual servers by providing additional memory, disk space or CPU
  • Security. All virtual machines are running on the server that is physically placed in a secure data center with round-the-clock security and video surveillance.
  • Support by certified professionals

For discussion of details call our manager +7 495 645 71 98 or contact via a feedback form.

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