Software as a Service

If you'd like to use the newest versions of licensed software, but aren't ready to pay regulary the full cost, the SaaS-solution is a good choice for you.

In this model, you do not buy software in the property, and get instant access to the program, located in our cloud, with a monthly payment. In this case we completely assume installation, configuration and software upgrades.

Clever Distribution offers the widest list of software from leading developers, as well as highly specialized solutions.

The most popular among our clients:

Microsoft CRM Телефония Asterisk
Microsoft Office Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Sharepoint Microsoft Exchange Server
1C: Предприятие 1С: Управление торговлей
1С: Бухгалтерия 1С: Зарплата и управление персоналом

The full list of SaaS-software, as well as information on prices and service conditions you can get from our manager at +7 495 645 71 98 or via the feedback form.