IT-Outsourcing is a reasonable choice for companies who prefer to be focused accurately on primary activity, understanding thus importance of IT-infrastructure functioning quality.

Depending on preferences you can charge us development and support operations of IT-processes completely ("on a turn-key basis") or partially (for example, only hosting).

Today IT-outsourcing has already stopped being unusual occurrence in the world business. This approach allows to transfer all the tasks of IT-systems development and support to special service company. Possessing the staff of competent experts, concluded partner agreements with vendors, experience and resources enables high-quality services to clients, decreasing costs and increasing overall the performance of IT.


Technical support

Our server capacities for your tasks' solution.service costs Skilled experts are ready to solve any of your IT-tasks with maximum efficiency for minimum costs.service costs


Printing management

We will prepare and organize accurate moving of your IT-equipment and infrastructure for the shortest time. We will set up everything for your comfortable work.service costs Integrated management of the printing resources.
The equipment is for free! Pay only for the number of printed copies.service costs


For business

  • Reduction of operational costs for the maintenance of IT-department
  • Numerous high qualification professionals attracted for your tasks solution, including highly specialized who are difficult to find and too expensive to hire.
  • Increasing the transparency of every IT-operation: all the activities are regulated by the contract in details.
  • Decreasing risks connected with responsible people in staff (dismissal of arbitrary employees, detecting and fixing undocumented solutions). If your IT-communications are supported by Clever Group, the change of employees or temporary disability won't be reflected in quality of services.

For IT-department

  • Reducing of the workload
  • Defined point of responsibility
  • Maintaining of entire documentation on projects
  • Our employees act strictly according to regulations that increases efficiency of their work.