Moving to new office is a responsible and stressful period for any company. The IT-infrastructure transfer is one of the most complex and critical for business. It isn't simply physical movement of the equipment, but telecommunications building, intranet remodeling, employees workstations, office equipment, telephony, server hardware settings and other operations not marked by the end user's eye.

We take care of all work stages on IT-move:

  • We'll carry out a full equipment inventory, internal corporate networks auditing, prepare recommendations for optimizing.
  • Completely we'll plan work of future IT system and provide connection of necessary communications (the Internet, phone, etc.)
  • We'll make data backup and  fix all systems settings.
  • We'll dismantle, pack and label all equipment and provide gentle transport control
  • We'll build a local internal office network, connect and configure server hardware, routers, the access monitoring system, automatic telephone exchange, video surveillance.
  • We'll assemble and set up the computer equipment for staff, organize the office equipment connection
  • We'll test the new IT-office infrastructure operation

For the detailed information about IT-Moving Service, please, contact our managers at +7 495 645 71 98 or via the feedback form.