Printing management service

Clever Group suggests to assume servicing and upgrade of the printing and copy equipment with payment for the printed copies


  • Documents printing is a noticeable work part of your organization
  • You do not like the high cost of printing
  • Printing pause is a negative impact on business processes
  • You'd like to rid the IT-department of the routine maintenance work on the printing equipment park
  • Your employees use corporate printers for personal use
  • It is important to distinguish access to the means of printing among the staff (restrictions on the quantity and quality of documents available for printing)

Main Steps:

  1. We'll audit the condition of printing infrastructure and document flow of the company, calculate the main indicators of its work and make recommendations for improvement.
  2. Our specialists will choose the equipment which answers tasks of client's business as much as possible and fulfill the connection and setup.
    You don't need to buy the new equipment, we will provide it for free!
  3. Service and support of printing equipment, including the purchase and installation of consumables, the Clever Distributor company incurs.
    If printing equipment fails, we'll promptly replace it with a backup and make repairs.


  • Reduce the cost of printing process: payment  only for the number of printed copies. The price of the printed copy has already include the cost of equipment, maintenance, repair supplies.
  • Funding transparency of this field of activity: You get only one bill per month.
  • Work on the new high-technology equipment
  • Ability to integrate printing with the functioning system of electronic document flow or other systems (for example, when scanning the identifier is appropriated directly to the document)
  • The guaranteed possibility of uninterrupted printing
  • Single point of accountability (release of IT specialists from non-core activities)
  • Quick and efficient solution of any problem
  • Control of users
  • Regular and complete reporting on use of the equipment by users.

We use specialized software by leading vendors, as well as multi-vendor solutions to provide printing subsystem management services, including print volume control and access lists.

The exact calculation of the outsourcing printing cost for your company you can get from our manager at +7 495 645 71 98 or via the feedback form.

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