Clever Distribution offers services of construction or upgrading of local fiber optic networks in offices and production facilities. At the request of the client we can deploy both a classic wired and wireless network, set on an isolated subnets segmentation, add IP-telephony support and other services. The extent of object doesn't matter: a small office or a large business center - as a result the client will receive the high-quality and productive computer network.

After business development both the scale, and required functionality of information systems change, the staff grows. For support of these changes the local networks optimization can be demanded. On the other hand, failures and accidents in local networks can lead to considerable expenses for business. To avoid these problems you need experts who can quickly and efficiently eliminate defects or add new network services. Moreover, modern IT-communications require high qualification of such specialists. Clever Distribution offers networks support and servicing. Use of this service means for the client a cost reduction on maintenance of own IT-staff and fast response to network incidents.

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