Structured cable networks installation

Professionally designed and assembled cable networks is the foundation of an efficient and trouble-free operation of office IT-infrastructure.

The competent topology of a cable network, the thought-over installation outlets, patch cords, crosses, convenient arrangement of server cases and racks, laying of cable routes according to accepted standards allows to increase service life (till 40 years) and convenience of the cable system use, and thanks to it considerably cut maintenance expenses.

On the basis of structured cabling system can be organized the infrastructure of any complexity, including computer networks, system of access control, video surveillance, fire protection system, and others.

* SCS allows you to transfer different types of signals and the use of different network protocols

* Design and installation are carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, international and Russian standards

* All items are numbered and labeled SCS, prepared related documentation (optional)

* Mandatory testing SCS


  • technical audit of object
  • creation of the specification together with the customer
  • designing according to state standard specifications and other industry standards
  • installation of cable routes
  • installation of cable system
  • installation of sockets
  • installation of server and switching cases
  • installation of the equipment (switchboards, servers, automatic telephone exchange, systems of video surveillance, ACS, security systems, etc.)
  • preparation of documentation
  • training of employees


  • the most optimum solution for your tasks
  • operations team of certified installers regularly attending trainings and refresher courses
  • experienced heads of the crews who can quickly resolve any issues at object.
  • SKS project implementation for your room exactly in agreed time frames.

For an accurate calculation and cost estimates please contact our specialists by phone or via the feedback form.

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