Corporate mail solutions

On importance the e-mail of the company can be compared to a blood system of the entity. The more large-scale your business is, the bigger is the number of letters sent and received by employees. In some companies e-mail becomes the main work tool for profit generation.

Currently various ways of the mailing organization are available to the company: free public servers, offers from hosting providers or own corporate e-mail server.


  1. Opportunities for unified users authentication
  2. Easy management of users, groups, access rights from a single point
  3. Teamwork possibility
  4. Viruses and spam protection
  5. Encrypted protocols for mail access
  6. Corporate domain name in the email address
  7. No advertising in the interface
  8. Additional features (calendar, reminders, address book, work with attachments)
  9. Professional Technical Support

The most popular solutions are MS Exchange Server, Kerio Connect, IBM Lotus Domino, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, MDaemon Mail Server, Postfix/Dovecot Mail Server.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 with a wide range of functions, integration capabilities and continuous product improvement became the most popular e-mail solution.


  • Integration with other Microsoft software. If your employees use the Windows operating system and the range of Microsoft products, MS Exchange Server will be the most convenient and affordable choice.
  • MS Exchange uses Active Directory service, system administrators do not have to create the same user for several times.
  • Browser e-mail access with a unified interface.
  • Convenience of emails and conversations storage, sorting and search
  • Mobile access. Opportunity to make a full use of corporate e-mail and contacts synchronization via mobile devices.
  • Rich opportunities to protect the sent information: encryption and access rights distribution to documents, sending and printing.
  • Anti-virus protection. A large number of anti-virus and anti-spam applications created for MS Exchange Server. The basic version already includes solutions for anti-virus protection.
  • Scaling. Ability to corporate email work for unlimited number of users with the use of any number of servers.

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