Corporate Portal

The corporate portal represents an organized web access for employees to the business information, a united information space for team work and is urged to raise a labor productivity. The main function of all similar solutions is to consolidate and centralize the internal corporate data storage and to provide convenient and quick access to bases, documents and applications. Besides, the portal can become an effective tool of communications between colleagues and can be integrated with ERP- or CRM-systems.

The corporate portal allows the companies with the large infrastructure to optimize the working process at all stages:

  • To collect the information and systematize it
  • To analyze and discuss
  • To make decisions
  • To design how the made decisions can be  implemented
  • To inform employees about decisions or  appoint responsibility
  • To monitor all stages of the business process

The final tool set of portal depends on the implementation platform, the basic functionality typically includes the following:

  • Help (reference materials and regulating documents on a field of company's activity, statistical information, company details)
  • Information and news (company news, information for new employees, birthdays, knowledge base, orders and instructions, recommendations, employees' address and contact information, a training plan)
  • Corporate services (order of stationery, negotiation booking, transport order)
  • Collective work (storage of documents, events planning tools, the leave schedule, documents search functionality, access management)
  • The personalization block (realizes possibility of employee identification on belonging to a working group, department, commission);
  • Instruments of information filling and publication of content
  • Administrator Panel


We recommend this solution to companies with the IT system based on the Windows operating system.


  • compatibility with other Microsoft products, including Office; unified authentication
  • possibility of team work  with documents and data, a versioning support
  • opportunities to form groups, access politics
  • integrated data search functionality
  • Application Designer included in the basic version, allows users to create additional modules without code writing.
  • Possibilities of the flexible scaling of system answering to business tasks.
  • Relative simplicity and availability of the Sharepoint platform gives the possibility of considerable economy on implementation, user licenses, upgrade and support.

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