Voice over IP

IP-telephony allows to solve problems simpler and cheaper than via public telephone network technology. Service of virtual PBX is designed to reduce the cost of your own telephone infrastructure building. You do not need to be engaged in setup and support of automatic telephone exchange, because it will be located in the cloud and will be serviced by the employees of our company.


  • The ability to transmit more than one telephone call (the easy way to add new phone lines at home or in the office)
  • Secure calls
  • Independence from the subscribers' location: only access to the Internet is needed
  • Integration with other services via the Internet (video calls, messaging during a conversation, audio conferencing, managing address book)
  • Free additional features:
    • Conferencing,
    • Call forwarding,
    • Automatic repetition of numbers,
    • Identification number of the caller,

Connecting an IP-telephony on the basis of the private high-speed Clever channel guarantees the highest communication quality, secure lines and absolute privacy.

Calculation form VoIP service cost

Service Cost:


Enterprise scale For Small Business For Small&Medium Business For Medium&Large Business For individual approach
Description Basic functions of a virtual PBX Best solution for mid-sized companies if telephone communication is not the main activity Reliable solution for medium-sized and large companies with a great number of telephone calls Personal solution for your business tasks of any complexity
Subscribtion fee






Number of employees is unlimited
Number of channels available 100 100 100 100
Number of extensions ≤10 ≤40 ≤150 ≤250

Call forwarding

Unlimited number of call scenarios
Redirecting scheduled
Auto attendant (single-level)
Password for extensions protection
Two-level voice menu 250 €/month 150 €/month 0 0
Forwarding by caller 350 €/month 0 0 0
Black / White list 50 €/month 0 0 0
Forwarding calls to "familiar" employee 350 €/month 250 €/month 0 0

Statistics and Monitoring

Service detailing
Call statistics
Incomplete Calls

Sending and receiving faxes

Receiving a Fax to Email
Fax sending via a web interface
Fax mailing 350 €/month 0 0 0

Conversation Recording

Online listening of records
Automatic e-mail sending
Per minute rate 0,8 €/min 0,3 €/min 0 0
Unlimited recording 700 €/month 450 €/month 0 0


Conference-calls up to 3 members up to 6 members up to 20 members up to 20 members
1 additional conferee, €/month 200 100 50 50
External numbers 4 10 40 40
Connecting an external SIP-number 500 150 0 0
Cloud storage, MB 5 20 50 50
Additional cloud storage, 1 GB 100 €/month 100 €/month 100 €/month 100 €/month
Additional cloud storage, 5 GB 400 €/month 400 €/month 400 €/month 400 €/month
Voicemail: general, group, personal
SMS, Email alerts for critical account
Melody while waiting or transfer
Subscribtion fee







Subscribtion fee (€/month) 0

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